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Atompark SMS

Version: 1.1.0 | Size: 6.00 MB
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Developer's description:

iOS app for bulk texting with support of anonymous and international messaging. Send text messages to large groups of recipients worldwide. The app has rich personalization features along with tracking and reporting capabilities. Support of personalization and rich reporting features make this app a great tool for both commercial (such as marketing and sales) and private use, be it a party invitation or a sales announcement. Everything you need to take full control over what you send, when you send and whom you send to is packed into one neat app that makes sure you're always heard and your messages always get through to people who need them. [+] get 10 free SMS for testing coverage after sign up [+] send both single and mass text messages from your iPhone or iPad [+] send SMS to over 800 networks in 200+ countries [+] send SMS immediately or schedule for later [+] send single or bulk SMS to people in your mobile phone book [+] send mass SMS to online contact list [+] send bulk text messages to contacts you add manually [+] use variables in text messages if your list contains names or other data [+] use any alphanumeric sender ID or a phone number as a sender ID (may not be available for some countries) [+] optional opt-out link can be added to text message [+] use "do not sms" list so you never send text messages to those who unsubscribed [+] detailed reports about sent text messages and delivery status

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Atompark SMS 1.1.0 Jun 6, 2014 - iPad support improved
- Spanish, German, French languages added
- detailed reports on sent messages and delivery status
- "unsubscribe" support
- "opt-out" link can be added to messages
- alphanumeric sender ID
- variable usage supported in text messages
- scheduling
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