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NetSpot - Wi-Fi Analyzer download

NetSpot - Wi-Fi Analyzer

Version: 1.2 | Size: 18.36 MB
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Developer's description:

A free NetSpot WiFi analyzer for iOS helps you to get a highly efficient and seamlessly operating WiFi network either at your home, office, or even in an airport-sized space. Easy-to-operate, NetSpot offers you mobility, adaptability, and an extraordinary simplicity of use*. * You'll need WiPry 2500x by Oscium connected to your phone. With NetSpot WiFi Analyzer you can do: - Scan your and surrounding wireless networks; - Observe the changes in data charts in real time; - Compare networks by Signal strength and WiFi Channel; - Use filters for scanned networks: by Name, by Security protocol, by Signal strength, by Band. NetSpot features including: - Live Data collection: visualization of 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac live Wi-Fi data; - 2.4 and 5GHz Bands supported: NetSpot works with both bands to discover networks; - Detailed info for Access Points: Network name, Band, Channel, MAC address, Signal level, Security, etc. Areas, where NetSpot WiFi Analyzer is indispensable: - Monitoring your wireless network for general issues; - Detecting and fixing a WiFi channel overlap cases; - A quick examination of the surrounding WiFi coverage; - Checking for any issues with wireless connection; - Detecting signal leakages. All of the above helps you troubleshoot and greatly improve your WiFi network coverage, performance, steadiness, and capacity. Get free NetSpot WiFi analyzer for iOS today to ensure your WiFi runs smoothly and offers an impressively even coverage in the future!

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