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Spotify Music for iOS 8.5.86 screenshot

Spotify Music for iOS

Find, share and enjoy your favorite music online

Spotify Music for iOS 8.5.86 DownloadSpotify Music for iOS like
Plex for iOS 7.11 screenshot

Plex for iOS

Enjoy the multimedia contents stored on your Plex Media Server

Plex for iOS 7.11 DownloadPlex for iOS like
Kodi for iOS 18.6 screenshot

Kodi for iOS

A simple to use application for your personal computer

Kodi for iOS 18.6 DownloadKodi for iOS like
Remixlive for iOS 4.1.3 screenshot

Remixlive for iOS

A very intuitive way to make professional-sounding tracks

Remixlive for iOS 4.1.3 DownloadRemixlive for iOS like
APTuner 3.1.1 screenshot


A sophisticated chromatic tuner for your computer, tablet, and phone

APTuner 3.1.1 DownloadAPTuner like
Haihaisoft HUPlayer for iOS 1.6.1 screenshot

Haihaisoft HUPlayer for iOS

A powerful media player

Haihaisoft HUPlayer for iOS 1.6.1 DownloadHaihaisoft HUPlayer for iOS like
BGLiveRadio 1.3 screenshot


Application BGLiveRadio is for listening your favorite Bulgarian radio.

BGLiveRadio 1.3 DownloadBGLiveRadio like
NanoStudio for iOS 1.34 screenshot

NanoStudio for iOS

Create and record music in your computer

NanoStudio for iOS 1.34 DownloadNanoStudio for iOS like
PepBlast Motion Pictures 1.3.33 screenshot

PepBlast Motion Pictures

Mix your pictures with music and make movies and slideshows with amazing styles.

PepBlast Motion Pictures 1.3.33 DownloadPepBlast Motion Pictures like
NodeBeat for iPhone and Android  screenshot

NodeBeat for iPhone and Android

Create your own music

NodeBeat for iPhone and Android  DownloadNodeBeat for iPhone and Android like
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