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Jump Jump Jump

Version: 3.2 | Size: 0.24 MB | Filename: jumpjumpjump.apk
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Developer's description:

Run, run, run and jump your way to a world of apples and happiness. However, remember to avoid all of the cactuses along the way and beware of the porcupines that hinder the kangaroo's path to apples, apples, and happiness. "Jump Jump Jump" is a brand new game featuring an apple-packed, exciting and endless running adventure which puts players in the shows of a kangaroo. Run, jump and dodge all of the cactuses and porcupines in your path in order to help the kangaroo accomplish its goal of eating as many apples as it can. "Jump Jump Jump" is a competitive game which involves endless running and an interesting goal. If you love formidable running adventures, then "Jump Jump Jump" is the perfect game for you! "Jump Jump Jump" has primarily been designed for children aged 3-6 years, but can also prove to be extremely fun for older children, teenagers and even adults. Children can play "Jump Jump Jump" for entertainment and teenagers and adults can play "Jump Jump Jump" in order to pass some time. Basically, "Jump Jump Jump" is a game which appeals to people of all ages. The game has exceptionally remarkable graphics and, since it has been primarily designed for children, is extremely easy to play. The game revolves around the story of a kangaroo that has an affinity towards apples and wants to eat as many as it can. The kangaroo wants to run and jump its way to happiness (which, in the kangaroo’s case, is a plethora of apples). The game features endless running, a worthy goal, and formidable obstacles (cactuses and porcupines), all of which make for quality entertainment. "Jump Jump Jump" is definitely your key to an infinite amount of simple yet exciting fun. Players must play as the kangaroo and run as far as they possibly can, eating as many apples as possible along the way and avoiding all of the cactuses and porcupines which stand in their path. "Jump Jump Jump" will provide players with a dose of adventure which they will never forget.

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Jump Jump Jump 3.2 Feb 6, 2014 This release includes minor fixes and enhancements.
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